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I almost finished my site and would like your opinion.
What do you think?
Thank you and good visit
Author : Natalyne
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Creation : 2010-03-15
Anonymous said ...
Hello Natalyne

To give you our opinion it would be nice to have the address of your site

Good day
Natalyne said ...

Lol! Sorry ...
acdh76500 said ...
attention footer you let the FAQ section, customers, contacts, links, privacy, new examples that are provided by basic KingEshop, you should customize them if you really want to use to inform your personal data (eg [the company] replaced by Natalyne) and also complete telephone number ....
Otherwise in your text, such as on your profile page is your attention to interlining which do not appear regularly and suddenly we sometimes text lines that overlap.
Anonymous said ...
Hello, * because many items are there but no content other than that given by KingEshop.
The nde siret is mandatory where is he?
The details of the company are also not very visible because it overlaps.
Declaration to the CNIL nonexistent must make his own Chapire privacy and not use one of KingEshop too long, too heavy and has spelling errors.
The conditions of sale are not complete, it lacks many things.
It is not feasible but there is much work to finalize it.
Good continuation
djéné said ...
No Siret N, N CNIL no, not enough information to clients about the company. Methods of payment limited.
Good luck
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