Your opinion about our store?
Hi all,
My husband and I just created our online shop, so we'd love to hear your different opinions ...

Here it is:

Thank you in advance!
Best regards.
Charlene and Jackee
Author : Charlène
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Creation : 2011-12-01
mel17 said ...

Appearance is very nice, very clear, however I find the first image too heavy, but otherwise it's nice.
Amandine said ...
I love it!
Charlène said ...
Thank you to everyone for your comments ...
It's true that I have to reduce the home page, it will come.
See you soon!
Lady' said ...
Great work, very professional,
nothing to say !!!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck to you

Charlène said ...
Thank you Lady's ... Your comment made ​​us happy!
Your shop is very nice too. I can put your banner in my LINKS page??
A +
Anonymous said ...
Your site is very well done, it can be a missing link on the home page leading to the general conditions of sale.
Charlène said ...
Anonymous thank you for the compliment, but the link to the general condition of sale is made in a long time! (See bottom of page in blue).
Good day!
b-boxs said ...
I know, that's great, the prices on the home page is good.
It may lack the products ...
otherwise it is good
cordially b-boxs
Charlène said ...
Thank you b-boxs,
it is possible that the site lacks a few products for a more professional look, but the problem when there are plenty of cards games to look different, so it's a choice we made not to confuse the customer with too many cards games, now I do not know if it will be the right formula to make it work, we'll see ...
Thomas said ...
Your home page is simple and effective, just right. Your prices are very interesting. Really well done for your website.

Charlène said ...
Thank you Thomas,
your support we are very pleased!
Defects in the site are also good to take, so if anyone has any ideas to improve the shop ..........
Thomas said ...
The only little thing that shocks me is the image of Betty Boop. I would have rather seen the Mario, the Rabbids, Zelda or the other since the R4 refer to the latest handheld from Nintendo. Here is a small but critical objective that's just my opinion.

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