Your opinion about my site please

Here I would like some advice and external advice on my shop.
Whether it's the layout, colors, review my produits.Et if possible I would say which models you ready to buy? just to see what models are most relevant.

my shop:

You can also leave me your links if you need advice.
thank you in advance
Author : sandy
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Creation : 2010-11-19
mimosa100 said ...
I just visited your site, then there are some things that I board not attached, for example on the homepage, I think your banner did not relate to what you sell, when I arrive on your home page, I wondered if I was well on your site because the name is not there. As concernne products, I can not tell you what I would buy because its depends on the occasion, whether it's a wedding, a baptism cons ... For what hurts me is the samples of announcements, there is no single model of demo to show a little of what you offer. In addition you're proposing to the model of my choice, but where is this reference?
There is not your number siret that authenticates you as a salesperson. There is still a positive note, I like how you wrote your terms of sale (writing) but I can find a little to my taste.
There is always change on a site, it has no nasty criticism, it's just my opinion for you to improve your sales.
Good luck, cordially
sandy said ...
Thank you, not to worry I'm here for that I ca not find it bad.
Sample of announcement there is no model to choose because it is in the Announcements section, references to products that score in the item description on it obligatioire KingEshop to register a product otherwise it does not register. My number is on the Siret homepage. You do not see everything.
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