Your opinion about my shop?
Hello ...
since its inception .. I made changes, including changing the picture of product (be gentle I did not have all redone .. like those bO, bracelets ..)
and yesterday made up of sections of pictures ... on the home page ... (ditto here I will ever possibly with other photos .... as advised) with my jewelry background

So I'd like to have your on with my shop in general and in particular what is wrong .... see what I can improve in the limit of my possibilities.
in advance, thank you! * address here:
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Creation : 2010-08-21
mandydreams said ...
I forgot to put my nickname!
Anonymous said ...
All I need to redo the photos more rings ...
any advice?
good is not serious ...
Cly said ...
For me, writing is too big and too flash
Galadrielle said ...
Me I like

Although at first the text box bothers me a bit
Try to play around with the colors, because AC is may be too purple / violet
after taste is a business you know ....... everyone can not love everything.

Otherwise, the last thing I tarabusque a bit .... it your button topics ....
AC can be a little lack of harmony .... you have some buttons written in large (legal, guestbook) and other or we can guess the title a bit ....( can change the color writing but again it is a matter of taste

That I think I made the turn in items including the first in which you explain what fimo, the text is a little mono block .... try to see if you can not air it .. . with photos of your pancreas, for example .....

Here I hope it can help
I too am creating my own is not easy .... good luck
Patrick said ...
I too do not like the color of the home page
with all those little pictures that load
but a matter of taste
I like the idea for the buttons for sections
but some are a little big
Anonymous said ...
Yes for sure it's all about taste. especially the colors cons I will not change my choice of basic (blue / purple) ...
by cons thank you for the advice on the buttons (well pictures) I'll try to see other pictures, writings etc. ..... arrange the text explaining the fimo also ...

writing too flash what it exactly SIGNED?
thank you!
anyway I think I shall never a perfect result .... or winning votes because I tousle not seek uniformity .. but still a fun store to go especially for the ladies ....
thank you and good luck to all ...
Anonymous said ...
I changed the image button topics .. and also changed the policy acriture .... but I do not know how it is perceived by many + .... if you could tell me if it is clearly visible .. thank you!
I wanted asort + with the logo, but still easily legible ...
I also arranged the article explaining the polymer clay ....
Anonymous said ...
well it's good to ask people's opinion but if it is to say I will not change anything ... people who respond are already quite nice to go to the site and see, see ... what they feel is exactly the impression a prospective buyer, so their opinion matters and deserves to be followed ... But hey if you feel like that is like that ... later you can open a new discussion with the title how to start my sales?
Anonymous said ...
How aggressive!
I said that I want to change anything .. only things keeping the colors! I changed the evidence on the advice ... I changed the font size and pictures on these pictures right topics
changed the font too .. Put in place of papyrus katryka (well I do not know how it spelled) because I was told that it flashed even if I do not understand what it means .. and I excat 'I also ventilated and Rajput images in the explanation of polymer clay!!
and I just asked an opinion on these recent developments .... just like yesterday on the advice I've redone all the pictures of my creations too rebannered etc. ...
then I'm completely baffled by your reaction!

in terms of sales, I did not please you!
Now I always thank those who have kindly visit my site ....
So thank you for doing it despite your reaction incomprehensible.
reveenbois said ...
Good evening

I do not like your site, I made the effort to look for to give my opinion. The first impression is not good because we did not want to navigate and it is a shame because your articles are great.

these criticisms are personal tastes and colors ...

I personally think the homepage is too loaded and too tight.
It is unfortunate that your photos (too I think) does not return the item it would take for my taste more paragraphs, the text box at the top I found that the color does nothing except that she repels me.

juxtaposed to each other, overlapping or not etc.

Like any singular or ATTENTION they deserve then we must put all works THE

by following some common sense tips, you can keep your jewelry several years UPDATE remained in the pen (as I told my daughter).

For me, I know I have not necessarily been nice but it's critical for me when it finally advance has been the case

Good luck
Anonymous said ...
thank you for watching! I will see my text with errors and correct them!
for images of the center's true kjen'ai not thought to be linked to products .. as is done with editing software I can give them only 1 link .. unlike the pictures on the right are all connected to corresponding items (but I'll check the links work)
So should I remove my center mounting to replace several small images with the corresponding link for each category store it ... (at first I did not think the client will try to click it .. )
for the background color of the paragraph I put blue recall the blue letters of the logo .. so bad choice? ... I'll see how it gives a white background ...

cons by a notice on the font? regarding the style of the shop etc. ..

thank you!
reveenbois said ...

for me the police gonna

good continuation

Patrick said ...
there the best, all right buttons
are of equal size
and the homepage is clearer to write
for all the pictures I did not change his mind
I find that on the home page there too
but since you say there was one made
in assembly, difficult to modify without any change
maybe later when you have some time
can you do.
for page legal note why all these texts?
they might be better in GTS?
good continuation
Ano-nym said ...
Sorry in advance because I'll be pretty negative about your shop, but this is only my opinion, others are likely to have different ...
The colors of the home page first, which I find particularly cool (or cold) and repulsive, so that your creations are colorful, lively and funny sometimes! I think these colors do not stick to your creations ...
Typos then. If I look: six different fonts! It's a bit mess. The less you use different fonts for your home more pleasant to be read ...
The jumble of photos, in the middle of page and the buttons are killing too many pictures pictures!
You probably want to set as your home page as possible models of your achievements but it creates a mess not at all pleasing to the eye and which does not highlight any of your creations. 2 or 3 great pictures of your finest achievements would, in my opinion much more seller (to you then change them frequently, to give the sensation of novelty). And also I would remove the buttons / images that add to the page and have no particular relationship with the relevant sections if not to expose others to your achievements ... A few well-chosen pictures will most want to future clients to browse through your shop that gloubi boulga small pictures ... And of course it is best photos / links that lead directly to the purchase page objects ... On the other hand I do not understand why you put your name consistently on all the pictures, I think it does not value objects. I guess that's reproductions, but it should be much more discreet.
Or remove ...
Otherwise make sure the spelling for the translations in English and Spanish, if you have the ability to translate your texts from people who know the language translations through Google because it is often incomprehensible and even if you apologize for translation, I think you may miss the ventesà because of bad translations ... Have you ever done sales abroad?
On this your guestbook is full of enthusiastic response so your shop is likely to please as it is true that your creations are very nice ...
That was just an opinion, good continuation and good sales!
CréaStyx said ...

I find this version better than the first that was active when you posted your request for an opinion!

Small problem: there is still a text here on your great picture ;-)
Too bad the pictures are so small on the big picture

Select the font I find very appropriate!

On the Profile page, it might be better to present a different title because it is not very together, I think!
And why not submit your picture differently?

Although to you!
reveenbois said ...

actually it is much better, but still too heavy for me
I do not know if you're at pa now (7:11 p.m.) but there is your text in the top of your pictures)

Anonymous said ...
Ah yes I just saw the text here ... thank you removed!
profile page .. I modofié I had not even seen that one could edit profile ...
and if I started sélectiuonner photos, not heavy but who are well ... to put in place the central mounting .. photos of new shop with a link to the correct page .. I can well change over the new creations
I leave for writing and waiting for something better ... I'll see you later
pictures from right to place items jj'ai had good back then I know. and I'll see if I take them off or not in some time (not clear what to do)
and already see what comes of it ... and slowly made better while standing out ...
a friend to translate me Billingual translated all items in English .. but cons of each product description is with google .. as soon as I + I vériefirai time too ...
I have not made any sales abroad .. but with family or friends in Spain and England that they can see and understand what I do even if it is not perfect .... my goal not at any price to sell abroad (already shipping costs are high so discouraging ...)
well I'll read what was said, see what I can change depending on the result I'm looking ... taking into account the views of my clients who are positive and enjoy my store (knowing that one can always do better anyway of course!)
Thank you for watching and for your advice!
Anonymous said ...
Here I changed the picture in central homepage ... you tell me if this is better ..
thank you!
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