Your opinion about my shop
KingEshop thank you very much for allowing us to create our online stores and congratulations for all your work to do.

In few words, could you give me your opinion on my shop.

Thank you in advance for your constructive advice
Author : MaryL
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Creation : 2009-12-30
Anonymous said ...
Very good site!
jerome said ...
Site well stocked, well done, nice but it will be a tough start to shop online because you will find you a sell postage more expensive than products that sells you with your own margin.
The more I think you overlooked one key issue is the weight of your products (except jewelry and makeup) I may be wrong

Example I order a hand cream (4.50) + 1 Eye Cream (11) + 1 jewelry box 18.50 or 34 you going to pay 5.50 shipping but your packages + packaging + paperboard solid protection will weigh between 1 and 2 kg and will cost you 7.65
So I know from experience that the margins are relatively large cosmetics if you have good suppliers, but here in resale products avon
I'm afraid you leave a part of your margin in shipping.

Go as I must look like I give odious 1 leaky pipeline that everybody uses for jewelry and little makeup 's the letter sent by max
it is a prepaid envelope from 2 cm up to 1 kg 3.50

By cons I suppose you made the sales meeting when you serve up your site to customers if the prices are identical

Good continuation and good 2010 full of money
MaryL said ...
jérome thank you very much for your comments very informative.

I will reassure you do not seem at all obnoxious, because as you know, I think all the criticisms are constructive and help us advance!

I considered sending a letter max, and your post confirms me in that direction, so thank you to you.

Indeed, prices are identical to those of direct sales and this site also helps me support my clients to the most distant.

Thank you for your advice and happy new year to you
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