Your opinion about my shop
Hello, I am grateful for giving me your opinion about my store being completed and filling
I find it hard to read paragraphs and clear, every time that I type a text the result is a large block all packed! can someone help me?
Thanks for your advice.
Author : stef
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Creation : 2009-10-12
philippe said ...
to see Scripture
I'll explain:
your bp is to find you a text that is in the vertical direction, if I understood correctly?
To change this, you click on the keyboard has left you ctrl and above an arrow
you press the arrow with your mouse and you click on your scripture, you'll be able to change the layout
But all that is already in the FAQ Write
good luck
philippe said ...
regarding your site lacks a lot of things already to buy not just one,
no site plan?
for links, if you did not remove this yet.
Profile idem
for your Siret number, or is it?
for writing is as I've said, it will be better,, lol
if not for the rest, I found a bit bland, lacks a bit of text information on your 1st page, the client has to be not just want to go see a particular place to read the tariff, we pay with what? ?
check?, paypal?
otherwise your banner very well
good luck
Philippe said ...
Hi, I'm too recent for this problem but I have found. Once you've written your text, you click on it holding shift key while you enlarge or shrink it also works with the photos ...
I will visit your site now ...
if you want to do the same with mine ...
@ +
KingEshop said ...
Hi Stef,

Here's a question that our FAQ will help you :


KingEshop Team.
Delphine said ...
It lacks some photos of your products
stef said ...
a big thank you to you ... I'll philippe bosser tonight!
I have a job ... and of course I'll take a ride on your site!
and thank you @ soon

philippe said ...
there is always improving its website and find ideas is not simple, but work always pays with time, do not lose hope, this is not criticism I've done, but just what I saw you on your site
You can do the same on mine here is my address:
my other site creation,
you can note me no problem and if you have any questions, I am ready to listen
best regards

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