Your opinion about my shop?
Hello everyone,
I just realized my shop and I would like to have your review!

Author : Bruno
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Creation : 2010-08-13
SergeD said ...
Very pro your site, very nice home, well presented products, there should be a welcome message reminding your business,
Facebook logo on the right, you have an image that does not open.
You still have a lot of work, creating categories, Postage shipping your Terms, your statement to the CNIL.
Profile page very well with the picture, put a direct link to your email, so that you can click directly on it, same benefits in the page and contact clubs.
Hoping you have help
Good luck, good sales
Bruno said ...
Thank you very much for your help.


koumy said ...

The website is pleasant and professional. However:

1) Profile: missing space between your name + the comma and himself

2) Attention!! The text of the help page kingeshop is full of spelling errors (warning of kingeshopeuse which is more than accurate, I checked)

3) why in the first category only the first article of the first line in a frame and not the other: error or intentional.

I have not looked at everything, just flew.

Buena continuación
CréaStyx said ...
Agree with what has been written above ...

Why not leave a little more space on the homepage between images and logos payment and FB?
I think it looks a little too tight

And when I see the home page, I want to click somewhere (I do not know why!)
Anonymous said ...
yes he should be links to pictures that relate either to a category or a product because we want to mechanically click the image that attracts and nothing happens which may suggest that new visitors nothing works ...
marie said ...

you should put more description in your articles. More text = more visits from search engines.

example: Protects Tibia A very robust product recommended for acute; training

. Thick padding, very stable with elastic bands and Velcro on the back.
is a description that I took on another website.

When there is a potential customer wants explanations on items, although I think that your sport is particularly interressés customers must already know it.

good continuation
sandy said ...
I found your site very well done, very professional. good continuation
Anonymous said ...
Thank you all for your advice.

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