Your opinion about my new home page
Hello everyone, I just change my home page and would like your opinion.

Is my site makes you want to buy? For here, I made three sales since I entered when I'm up to broadcast.

Thank you anyway kingeshop us to offer this service completely free!
Author : Delphine
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Creation : 2011-12-04
Delphine said ...
Nobody wants to give me their opinion? : '(
Anonymous said ...
Good evening,

When you see the name of the store is expected in small boxes filled with small sweets of all kinds for the ceremonies.
Then the categories have nothing to do together like piercings and pens that have no place among the other products, you should make you an express store in parallel with respect to jewelry.
Delphine said ...
Thank you for your negative comments, that's how we learn.

FYI, I'm on this site for 2 months and not a PRO computer and my grades and subjects dragees baptism, marriage was the first plan, I have changed by changing my home page because here is a gap when it comes to this area and I have to find another niche to try to earn a crust during the peak periods which are usually from October to February for sweets;-)
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