Your honest opinion on my site
I created my site several months ago and I have made no sales. I have a rather busy schedule (good job and two young children ...) so I do not yet have the 10000 stuff I have to sell (used clothing of the family). I wish I had a first opinion on the structure of my website, its readability, content, prices etc..
Thank you in advance for your valuable advice.

ps: it's still really damn good tool kingeshop!
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Creation : 2010-05-10
Anonymous said ...
I do not know if that as an individual, you have the right to have a commercial site, I can fill you quite wrong.

Anonymous said ...
Caro is very cute ...... but illegal.
You can not have an online store and not be pro.

Good continuation anyway.
Caro said ...
Thank you for your responses. I'd also highly knowledgeable about the legality or not to make this website and the opinions were divided (on the fact that I do not buy to resell). However, I think I should actually declare my shop for standards, but it bothers me a little having to do it on Ebay while there 's plenty of people who traffic in free and simple people who sell their clothes as I pay the insertion fee, the commission on the sale price, paypal fees, option fees, etc. ... In short, there is not much to the end!
This shop could be a compromise and given the level of my business, my business does not fear much! If I ever saw my fly activity (by a very big chance !!!), I should actually my situation, it would be safer ...
Apart from this sensitive point, other comments? That may be why no one buys? It does not inspire confidence?
Magali said ...
Good evening

Seems illegal what you do. Do not want the cake and eat it too. Via E-bay, you have cool but it is legal. Otherwise, you represent and your pair of charges and taxes, which will return the same (you will earn even less).
And you can not move within the law when you have a problem, it will be too late.

And inevitably, you're advertising as a professional, you can not sell much. It takes work to know a site.

Manue said ...
On the website it is clearly notified on this site is not a pro website .... This is absolutely not a salesman.
You can actually have a shop kingeshop if you're not pro but for this kind of store is the ebay .... and do not think that because you have an online store that will be the gold mine from ebay.
This is not a criticism but a fact. The sale is difficult for everyone, whatever the field. It takes some time to come forward.
I would like a consignment shop (I am pro): dépôt-vente/achat and creations online. I also sell on ebay and other sites (classifieds etc.).
I rowed for me know, sell etc. ... it starts but I only have 3 months of age I say. Today, I propose topics creators.
For my part, I advise you or you declare that remains entirely legitimate and sell only through classified ads or ebay if not pro there for me because there is too much ambiguity.
Nevertheless, I wish you a good start so you can move better!
Caro said ...
Before I had a shop on Ebay and I paid a monthly fee in exchange for reduced insertion fees. Then they rebuilt the prices and I paid 20 euros per month! Must sell regularly for it is profitable! Thus more personal space ... And I wanted something a little nicer than just Ebay listing.
In short, I think I have done better to refrain from asking the question on this forum because in the end, I did not have too many comments and criticisms above. I spend very little time per month to this site so I do not feel any pro as are other users who are working Kingeshop lot on their site, their values to objects, make the pub etc. ... I considered the record of entrepreneurship and frankly, go pro for a few euros per month sales (not including the paperwork that I have absolutely no time to bother), it was not worth the time.
But hey, too bad and good luck to all as it takes to launch a new business although some are probably already on track :-)
Anonymous said ...
... Ebay it there 's plenty of people who traffic in freedom ...

Even on Ebay it's illegal, if the statue was created autoentreprenor is a bit for that!
Anyway ... not seen not taken! control until a tax falls on you and then it will dessu very badly because it an aura Ammende for illegal trade and it trè edged up!
René de Gro said ...
Dear Caroline,
You asked for an honest opinion on your site ... I went to see, and immediately the homepage get tired eyes with the chosen font. You really make an effort to read, and my eyes are dancing up and down, and it does not give me want to read further ... Then there are obvious concerns that many pages are empty ... The total does not give a professional image.
Then you have to buy the domain name, and you change the URL of the site in this domain name.
Sincerely, Rene de Groot
Mylène said ...
Apart from the obvious fact that the activity as it is presented is not legal I found the site well presented except perhaps the choice of writing style.
You have the outside of Ebay boncoin offering free listings and you can also open a so-called empty-dressing legal blog it (provided you do not buy to resell) where you can update what you have to sell used clothing. He will then more than you know on the forums and female god knows if there ;-)
Anonymous said ...
Hello Caro.
I have been visiting your site. I find it rather pretty, colorful and clear. No I will have it that three remarks:
The choice of font for the host
Disable empty categories
Photos! They are taken on a bed with patterns in the background and they are poorly lit souvenr .... I suggest you rather to put on a coat hanger and make your pictures against a white door.
So much for the site.
Regarding the remarks quoted above, you'll concidérée professional if your sales exceed a certain annual amount.
Good luck for the future.
Anonymous said ...
Fairly clear, but too many empty pages. Put only what you have and put the rest inactive because AC is just too empty. The police are not very well chosen as mentioned above.
Attention must also be made to declare themselves as this may have consequent heavy for you and your family.
See the boncoin, or keep a blog or website and get the status autoentrepreuneur no sale no figure not load!
Good continuation
Caro said ...
Thank you very much for all your comments very relevant. Critical opinions are very successful because when we head to the grindstone, it is more objective ... Police home page, for example, I would not actually think ... And hide the empty sections ... also (not the time to fill them all ...). You obviously have experience! I'll dig the track of the blog empty-dressing and if not, study the approaches of self-contractor (and in this case, then will I feed my ads ... seriously and redo the pictures ....) .
Thank you again so much for all your messages!!
Excellent continuation.

Anonymous said ...
Hi Caro

regarding the fact legal or not, phone taxes to really know what it is! you do not need to say that you started, but you will learn.
For that difference between your site and an empty dressing room! Apelles your site Emptiness Carro dressing if it is legal!

Anonymous said ...
Christel was not wrong!
However I do not recommend you start the car entrepreneurship just to sell used clothing for your children.
Open a company, even as it autoentreprenor a trade. People who advise you to do just to sell your old clothes do you a disservice.
Caro said ...
I also found that self-contractor put me just to sell my clothing was a little too ... I asked the question on a legal site. I will keep you :-)
Delf said ...

we give him the advice to sell its power to pro drawer bottoms, but it is strictly illegal to have an online store.

Anonymous who said simply call empty-dressing, you do not understand.
On a blog, you see the products sold and we contacted the person (which may also caro on king by turning off the cart).
From the moment that we can add items in a basket, validate a real order ... must be pro.

You should know that the police will soon be hunting for illegal sales sites in France (without N siret ...) and gonna do some damage.

Caro, on e-bay, you do not make you know, many people will pass.
There will have to do important work on listing your shop.
You should know that it takes an average of 200 visits for a sale.
On e-bay the right corner, you'll have much more chance of being seen especially if you do not have time to take both.

Delphine of the bébés fringueurs
Anthony said ...
It sure is illegal, but as you Caro, I am disgusted by the unfair competition on Ebay.

In fact, I can not Toujouse to be competitive because of the margin that I give to the state. And some unscrupulous sellers are careful not to declare anything and can be 15-20% cheaper than me!

It's infuriating, I agree ..... but I chose to be legal for a greater tranquility.

The state would do better to hunt these crooks rather than fiddling the Board of honest people.

To return to the topic, your site is very nice and pleasant.


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