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Author : Anonymous
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Creation : 2010-11-04
referenceur said ...
Site almost empty! should perhaps be thinking to work inside before asking for advice, right?
Anonymous said ...
Good start, design. Unless the price is it possible to see their correspondence in euros? Product description too succinct, if the text content is too low, you'll have trouble being indexed by search engines. Try to compensate by creating more articles on the topic of energy saving ...

Good beautiful day.
Leslie said ...
I like, but may be could you put the titles in green just to make really close to nature and eco ...
Auutre stuff, why not put a link on your photos Allat directly to the page where you can find bulbs for the type of pictures ...
These are just small suggestions ...
Good luck for the launch ..
Emma said ...

I saw your presentation is not too bad for a beginner

It's a shame your site is concerned only SWITZERLAND

Good luck, if you have a problem, know that we are here to help

Anonymous said ...
Thank you all for your messages that are very constructive. We take good note and we will strive to change at best.

Thank you again and good week to Emma, Leslie and others who bother to answer us
Elnox said ...
Leslie, I would like to contact you regarding your comment on the link next to the photos. This is an excellent idea but I do not see how. is that you can develop if you have time thank you.

Emma, for the moment so that we sell on Switzerland but the posting in Euro and sell abroad is a good idea. The only problem is the custom, Switzerland is not part of the European community and we will face a heavy administration, but it is doable .... patience :-)

Good day
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