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I just created my site (it is not completely finished), I would like to have your opinion and feedback (positive and negative). Thank you very much
Good day to you
Author : Delphine
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Creation : 2009-11-11
Delphine said ...
Connect your GTC few phautes strikes: letters inverted or missing.
In your cvg, you say you have 4 zones and the costs of elivraison more than 3.
Precise to the last, that is area The 3 and 4, Europe and rest of the world as you do in your GTC.

Question: How would you shipping? And how you offers from a certain amount?

Remove your page link if you do not have it.

Otherwise, for my part I find it very good.
Delphine said ...
Hello Delphine
I'll correct the GTC is true I change the shipping costs and forgot to change the GTC.
It automatically applies but the problem is that it is cumulative when you take 2 items and I know how to they do not add up. When the tenders, I create a category with just the promo items and put them where I 0 in the 4 fields fdp.

Thank you for your comments:)

Delphine said ...
Correction made:)
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