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As you all, I spent a lot of time to build my eShop. This is a start, it would also be intensified with my creations to come. Would you leave me your feedback to make the best move. KingEshop to thank you for giving us the ability to easily create a store and thank you to all those who post in the forum to advance everyone!
Here is the link to see my creations of games and art creations Thanks!
Author : Catherine
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Creation : 2009-11-06
Bernard said ...
Hi Catherine,

Your homepage is very nice, your products are obviously original, interesting topics (the video worthwhile!). You melted the C.G.V. services in the area, it is seen! I say BRAVO! I'm not there yet ...

I'm used to simulate a small order of 100 tables
catherine said ...
Hello Bernard,

Thank you for taking the time to visit my shop and sent me this nice comment.
While other vendors have suggestions or criticisms, I will gladly wait to improve my shop.
I wish you, Bernard, a great success!
Good day to all,
Anonymous said ...
hello catherine

it is true that your site is very nice well built. But there are one or two details to review, perhaps

In profile, there is a small mini vacuum with a frozen logo above. Is this intentional or an image that was not inserted correctly?

also in the service category, you could perhaps make paragraphs because there is heavy enough to watch.

Let me advise you to separate the text into sections, leaving a gap between orders, warranties, delivery ... It will be clearer and better organized. Ditto for other topics. Aerate your texts ca be prettier.

also, the sentence in the header in blue is not very visible. Maybe white would be better seen, right?

best regards
Catherine said ...
Thank you for those remarks on the layout of my topics.
I started to correct this, I hope it's more pleasant to read as well.
Good luck to you,
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