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Joined on Kingeshop past few months, I have opinions and advice on my site e-commerce. See what I could modify to be more selling.

Thank you very much,
Author : Erzsébet
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Creation : 2010-05-07
lulouetcie said ...

Your home page is super pretty, but it does not match the product you sell, it's too romantic, why not put forward a selection of products you sell, which are very pretty

Regards Serge
Patricia said ...
Good evening

very nice site sweet and pleasant to watch
One or two of your creations home page would still want to go read

Bravo for your work, very pretty, it's a style that I love
You should be indicated on the fabric you use

koumy said ...

Your site is very nice ... I think the decor is in keeping with your outfit.

It is true that if you can change up your categories .... the gothic in the first place is surprising because it is true we do not expect it ... and it creates a mismatch with the decor of your page to Home.

good continuation
avonshop said ...

I like.

Personally, the homepage, I'll remove Erzse M under the header of the site, since the frame is the same and the name is already in the header, I found it too overloaded. I just let our online store.
This will make up the text of the homepage that will be more visible on small screens such neetbook.

That is of course personal and individual tastes and choices, anyway this does not prevent you eventually make your sales.

Good continuation and congratulations for your shop

In wishing you good sales
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