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Why is my cart emptied when placing an order?
Why is my cart emptied when placing an order?
If you are unable to add products to your invoice or if your cart is emptied at the time of making the invoice, here's the cause :
1 -
Cookies are not enabled in your browser.
Here are two questions that our FAQ will help you :
- To enable cookies in Internet Explorer :
- To enable cookies in Mozilla Firefox :
2 -
The JavaScript code is not accepted by your browser and you must activate it.
3 -
The version of your browser is unstable. After an update of the operating system, it is surprising to see that sometimes it affects the functioning of your browser. This generally returns to normal after the next update.
4 -
If you tried with another browser and it still does not work, the problem is probably because your ISP changes the IP address when you move from page HTTP to page HTTPS. This is very rare. You can check this by using another computer in another house. If you find that this problem is actually occurring, the only thing to do is contact your ISP.

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