Why can we not put html code?
peut'ont why do not put html code in static pages?
It is therefore impossible to reference our site because every time he gives us a code?
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Creation : 2009-09-19
Céline D. said ...

If that is what ut speak, I confirm qu'ill is possible to link exchanges or insert logos directory on its website KingEshop.

Here is my page dedicated: http://www.des-bijoux.com/liens-cnaaaaaaa.asp

Many other sellers do KingEshop.

By cons I have not found the solution to use the google analytics tool ... and that's a shame.
KingEshop said ...

We strongly advise you to write compulsively in directories, it is very bad for your listing. Please, read this very carefully :


To improve your listing, there is no easy method, you must work hard and be patient. Please also read the section very carefully, it is in french but you can translate it with Google's translator :


As far as Google Analytics, we expect something in this direction in the future, but we can not give you a date.


KingEshop Team.
Ni62 said ...
you can not put HTML simply because it is ASP, you have text fields for this, to reference your site you will on your page my website and at the bottom you insert the keywords and the description of your site and you'll see on google it goes impecable, but must wait a few days time it is referenced by google.

Me this is me 1 months that I make my site after a week he was on google, and there I have a PageRank of 1 (which is very good for a young site) on my page d host is a dedicated note by google calculated on the number of visits that occurred on your site.
Anonymous said ...
I returned the key words, I'm on google, but really with a specific search (if I type the name of site-wide www.plaisir intense.com) if I put intense pleasure, I do not appear ...

I wanted referencer with google but they give me a html code to place a meta tag, and since I can not put code, bah ...

The explanations of KingEshop are good but not precise enough.

I'll manage otherwise thank you to all, or if you have any other ideas.
Céline D. said ...
I confirm the statements of ni62: he must wait a little.

I started to fill my shop KingEshop there 2-3 weeks and already I appear on page 1 and 2 of google on some specific keywords.

If you bumps well, you fill your site regularly products you add text everywhere including your keywords, it will do.

Good luck ;)

Delphine said ...
such as Celine D and ni62, I appear in 1st page of google aveccertains keywords.

To get the best SEO possible, it must provide details of these products and put headings rather complementary.
there is more text, the more you are referenced.

By cons, ni62, how do you know for your pagerank? This is do to be in 1st page or another?
Ni62 said ...
Hi Delphine

no it is not being in 1st page, a note is made on the calculated statistical fact that google, by number of visits made by visitors to each page of your site and your pages are visited more than their PageRank increases.

To know your PageRank (PR) download Google tool bar (it's free) so you do not have the PageRank and active in options, a small rectangle will appear, it will be blank if a site is very recent or very little visited or with a green filling that is more or less extended depending on the score given by Google, which ranges from 0 to 10.

That's very simple, and if you do eventually link exchanges (the chosen strategically complementary to your business) you will increase both your score (which is highly prized) and visits your site, so you maximize your SEO as well (and the same occaz the chances of selling).

Do not hesitate if you have other questions, you can also leave me a message on my website www.sportnco.com

@ Soon
Delphine said ...

thank you, I just added!
Bouhhhh, it says I am not ranked by google but it will come!
Céline D. said ...
Me I would not recommend the use of toolbars.

To calculate your page rank goes on: http://www.infowebmaster.fr/calcul_pagerank.php

y'en a lot of others on the net.

By cons, be aware that the page rank is no longer a given city on google.

Do not particularly focus its work on the pagerank of the site but rather on its content and regular updates.

Best regards
Céline D. said ...
Delphine, do not worry about that, my main competitor is in 2nd position on page 1 with a google pagerank not classified by google!

As mentioned previously, the pagerank is no longer a given capital has long been on google.
Delphine said ...
Thanks Céline
Ni62 said ...
Hello Celine D

although actually, you can calculate your PageRank on infowebmaster, it is a subjective calculation, because the data are relative, however google calculation is recorded by a robot on each entry that are linked by the Internet, that either through google or through a site, and contrary to popular belief, the ratings on a PageRank remain very important, especially in the eyes of connoisseurs (which are more numerous), as this can make continually update your SEO for your site improves or remains at the top.

PageRank is an important tool to learn more about the subject, the best site for beginners and experienced webmasters www.webrankinfo.com is, make a turn there and you'll see that what is said about PageRank, and that it is good to know its PageRank, not because your website appears on the first google page that users go there, hence the importance of early sentence description that will be relevant.

That good continuation ;-)
Anonymous said ...

So for me it is good 1 month since I created my site KingEshop well I'm still not referenced on Google! : /
No motor is spent on my pages: (
There must abor a small problem somewhere .......
Céline D. said ...
Ni62, your knowledge is of another time.

Today PageRank provides one indication among many others in the algorithm for ranking Web pages in search results from Google.

The algorithm of PageRank based links was originally a means used by Google to give a note to the pages. But, as described in the patent [1] filed April 17, 2007, many other criteria are now taken into account. Also, the value of PageRank does become a little indication of significant importance.


That good continuation ;-)
anthony said ...
I am rather ni62 agree with the fact that to know its pagerank is an important tool for referencing the site because it allows us to improve it, besides, I consulted both webrankinfo regularly and infowebmaster I do not understand why you're aggressive with ni62, I am webmaster and when I add link to sites that I am looking for backlinks with pagerank of at least 4 so that my sites can be quickly referencement optimized and I just copy / paste of 1 sample article that just infowebmaster:

Usefulness of PageRank today

Despite the fact that PageRank is losing its importance and he is idolized as much as before, this does not mean that we should throw in the garbage. It is still used for various applications:

It is possible to get an idea of the popularity of a page with this indicator. It allows, among other things whether it is a lot of incoming links (and popularity of incoming links), or possibly know if a page gets links naturally.
It gives an overview on the duration of indexing a site. The higher the PageRank, the higher the Google robots will visit regularly to see if new.
It provides an overview of the number of pages that can be indexed by Google. When a site has a low PageRank (2 or less) while there are thousands of web pages, they are just hundreds of pages to be indexed in the Google Directory.
Thus, it is necessary to have a high PageRank if wishes were that many pages on our site is present in Google's index. A site with a PageRank of 2 or 3 can expect indexing hundreds of pages on Google, while a site with a PageRank of 6 can expect to have hundreds of thousands of pages in Google's index (see same millions).

you see even tell them it's good to get an idea of the popularity of its site

is a friend who asked me to see this site because he wants 1 ecommerce, I think it's not bad and this forum is in rather nice as helping you you, I think I come back for me too
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