Whether you think of my shop
this is my first shop, there is not much for now, only 2 article

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Creation : 2010-09-13
Patricia said ...
Good evening

What say? for now it is empty, I think to give you our opinion should at least make the home page, it would already tell you if one wants to browse the site or not

good continuation
Anthony said ...
Empty for now .... but all I can say now is that it leaves pretty well. I think it will be clear .... Keep on this, it should be a cool site.
elbecko said ...
I find that for a site of manga you should force a bit about color: the banner if you do not watch it closely, looks more like his color theme to a site targeted girls 8-12 years: too many pink and it does not fit well with the red logo (which is very pixelated in passing: use of vector)
It is the only text in your site, very short, already huge in September misspellings. You've got to pay attention: it is not serious at all, nobody buys a site full of mistakes and you have plenty of tools at your disposal to help you.

Do not take it badly especially the colors is a personal opinion (after all is perhaps that the manga style ...), and the mistakes I believe it is a service that I give you, September's a lot.

Oh yes: and hello to the point:)
Patrick said ...
you should disable the blank pages to avoid just
find themselves in anything ..; search engines do not like
customers no longer.
you should make a nice home; seen all the images
exist that should not be difficult
I will speak to my boy who is a fan of manga
good continuation
Bruno said ...
Good start!
If I can afford to give you my opinion, makes a very eye-catching home page (images, colors flash).

Good continuation
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