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What to think of sites that help with SEO?
What to think of sites that help with SEO?
You've stumbled on a very interesting ''expert'' website which analysis your site and tells you how to Finally find the secrets of a good SEO? They explain that you lack the meta tag such as X or that some element should not be there? All that scares you ...?
Before anything else, here's what you should know :
1 - Your ''expert'' site is not alone. Regardless of the site that analysis your site, you need to know that there are thousands on the internet with similar claims.
2 - The Internet is huge and it is easy to write and do anything. Do not believe everything you read on the internet.
3 - Absolutely no one can say with certainty what is good for SEO. The only people who are able to do so are the search engines themselves, and for obvious reasons, they do not do so. To prevent abuse, search engines very jealously hide the exact information that helps in SEO. One can always follow particular lines of thought (some tags or processes) but no one can say with absolute certainty (and arrogance) that it is the only truth.
4 - Surprisingly, sites that explain how to improve your ranking are very poorly referenced. Since they are supposed to hold the secret, it is difficult to explain how come they do not appear in search results with a word so clear as ''referencing''.
5 - Previously, search engines were primitive and it was possible to fool them by inserting special tags or other special procedures. These days are well and truly over and there is no ways to cheat. Today and increasingly in the future the golden rule is :
Add relevant, quality and abundant content (text) in your site. You will be loved by search engines and your customers.

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