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What should I do when there is a ''bug''?
What should I do when there is a ''bug''?
It is convenient to use the word ''bug'' with great caution, because in most cases the ''bug'' in question turns out to be a configuration problem on your online store or mishandling of the side customer. The only way to identify a true ''bug'' is an extremely precise example in which a ''bug'' consistently repeats itself. So if you think you are actually dealing with a ''bug'', you must :
1 -
Take note of all the steps and inserted data extremely accurately.
Make sure that you are able to reproduce the ''bug'' by following the same steps.
2 -
3 -
Make sure that this malfunction does not correspond to a configuration error on your side.
Contact us by e-mail ( giving us the exact procedure for all steps that make the ''bug'' repeats itself. We must be able to produce the same result to be able to verify that there is really a ''bug''.
4 -
If we come to the conclusion that there is a ''bug'', we will correct it quickly.

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