What products?
Hello, this site sounds great. But I did not understand the operation, is it our own products we put online for sale, or are these products found on the net that sells with a percentage?

Thank you for your responses. Romain
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KingEshop said ...

The idea is when you open a shop on the net and even when we open a shop in town.
It is to trade.

Two possibilities for you:
- Either you become a craftsman (or even manufactured products in order to resell them)
- Or trading (products purchased from a wholesaler or supplier on the net or elsewhere).

In both cases, you will create your business plan, find suppliers and partners, develop a marketing objective, manage administrative and possibly accounting (non-exhaustive list ...)

Of course in order to bring all this up, he must register as such with the French authorities devevant be self-entrepreneur or manager sarl.

Now, for the resale of its own second-hand goods (clothing, footwear, miscellaneous equipment ...) is still best to use sites known type 2xmoins expensive priceminister and company ...
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