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Hello everyone,
it's been a while since I'm not here because not a lot of time and trouble in the family, in short, that, since January 20, 2010, I made only one sale on the net, it becomes very, very very discouraging, that you have an opinion outside, could you tell me what's wrong, what is good. In the vicinity of my home, no worries it works by word of mouth.
I thank you wholeheartedly,
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Creation : 2010-10-27
Anonymous said ...
Hi Mimosa

I just have a look, I tell you what comes in bulk:

Your home page is too full text, reread the section: http://www.kingeshop.com/Comment-bien-utiliser-les-dix-secondes-pour-faire-bonne-impression-cbuaaaakaaaa.asp

Be careful there are some mistakes

The address on your pictures into categories is obviously wrong since you've changed store name ... plus it is too large, you should put it, if you really insist, in + small + light, a little transparent so that it does not bother looking at qd.

In your GTC, the buyer must be aware and not aware.
There are other spelling mistakes in resume ...

In other models already made economies in the photos is to page back a little, he would center the photo of the second line if it makes a hole.

Well, I hope it will help, if your site is completed, you have so many topics, it should be arranged in any case I wish you!
Good luck

Anthony said ...

Your site is nice, true.
But there is a point that you neglect .... a user must visually be hung during the first 5 seconds. Otherwise it zap!
Arriving on your site, at first I did not immediately see what you sold.
I have a small laptop and unless you use the elevator, not a single photo and text too .... it's not quite telling.

In my opinion, you need a home page more catchy!
She likes it or not, it must not stay indifferent.

Especially since your products sound cool .... Put the value!
(But beware, not too much animation, or animated gif is rédibitoire, you will have the opposite effect to that intended).

Another thing: In your Terms, you say that because the products made pieces can not be returned, exchanged or refunded ....... Attention, yet you go to the law here! And buyers may get their way. You have an obligation to provide a right of withdrawal that you sell online!
In all honesty, instead of the buyer, because that statement, I'll shop elsewhere ....

Besides have you seen the number of people who came to read your Terms? Amazing is not it? from your other items!

There is a real potential, which I think is not optimized.

Good continuation.

Céline said ...
You have only 2 categories (first 2) have a rate everything else is a 0 is this normal?
lmdjpa said ...
I look quickly, and each time I have seen articles strikethrough
eg www.3dcreations-deco.com/motifs-enfants-cbjaaaaaa.asp
you do not explain why your tavail indicating, for example 3D
Ycaz said ...

I just have a look (I'm no expert) but I just think it's the products themselves that are difficult to sell on the web. This style of decoration must be palpable. You enter a shop, we search, we find, we look at the article that was in hand, comparing the colors ... on the net is not really possible.
Good luck
Mimosa100 said ...
Hello everyone,
Thank you for all his advice to the home page is true it is a bit loaded, I'll try again and again even if an item on the side to explain how my site consite .
To answer your question Celine Articles at 0 euros is normal as I mentioned in categories which they made his party products purchased with the class about 3d because no options as sub category, I just do not otherwise.
In response to Anthony, products that are custom made, I can not take it back or exchange, or reimburse them for as they are customizable, I could not sell them so I am somewhat conssée that side.
For my spelling is vraix that I must look at this.
And finally, to answer Ycaza, I would like you, it's true that products like that, really should be seen as pictures, but not much choice for the presentation and to show my work.
With all his advice, I'll rearrange my home page for its wane, I wish you would run for the following
Françoise 3dcreations-deco.com
Mimosa100 said ...
Hello everyone,
Here, I remade a few modifications, I just change my presentation to my homepage, could you tell me your reviews, good or bad?
I must still modiffier my banner.
Thank you for your answers.
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