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What is the Google meta tag?
What is the Google meta tag?
The Google meta tag is a Google tool that is used to identify your site.
Once your site is identified and validated, Google gives you access to information concerning the listing of your site as the number of links pointing to your site, for example.
To access this information, you must be registered with Google.
Here's the address that gives you all the information required for your meta tag :
When you have your meta tags in Google, you must send it by e-mail to :
Once we have set up your meta tags in your site, you can check if is there by clicking the button ''View'' on your browser and then clicking on the button ''Source''. You need to locate the meta tags and you will see that one of them contains the one you've sent.
You should also go into the interface of Google, at the same location where you took the meta tag that you've sent and click on the validation when it is presented. Google will verify that the meta tag has been inserted into your site.

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