What do you think of my store my site in general?
Everything is said in the question, thank you for your comments.
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Creation : 2010-07-16
Anonymous said ...
URL please
Delphine said ...
Could you take a few minutes of your time to take a look at my shop and let me know your comments, thank you in advance.
Céline D. said ...

In my opinion, you should make a ranking by performance (processor type, for example) rather than by price.

bobyes said ...

Without being annoying, to devices occasions during site ...

Review all because your site is quite distressing and not conducive to the purchase, he was a second hand.

This is just my opinion.

koumy said ...

Your site is not bad but it lacks in fact, a few small things to make it more appealing:

1 / colors are nice and well chosen home page and top: red, black, gray

What does not:
2 / home page:
- It is made to present your products: so no comments saying that the stock is a = O
Otherwise what use is it to go see the rest.
From the very beginning you put two pictures and a comment saying this is all I offer ... do not go further into my site, there is nothing

3 / you just entered a new side of the computer = a zero quantity. .... What's the point.

The MUST for your home page:

- Puts more beautiful picture of your products whether or not available. ... not bother to clarify!

- Puts advertisements comments = you imagine a stand and wrote the type of vendor you talk to people who would spend it to make a decision.
Xxx have used computer products benefiting any current technology. The shop wwww you can purchase computers at a price affordable to all.

Ad quietly why you classify price, I find it not void at all, but the same: small text seller.:
By working with your needs find the computer you need among our many choices.
Xxxxx The shop offers a ranking by price so that you easily find your computer using your purchasing power.

The shop is primarily xxxx pleased to offer all have the ability to access the computer world has a lower cost

- I do not think rabbacher the word opportunity. ... but retain the idea of taking other words ... I do not say that my examples are cannon ... but it is more seller. .... what do you think?

- The Must in your entry:

Ha ha ha. .... My darling. ... Remove them, they do serve to nothing! Why? In each category there is a poor text, or rather a poor little phrase that has shown how you have nothing to write. ..... everyone does not have to know.

My tender advice: all your items together in a single static page, as the service and you make little paragraph with a brief title (you then resumed under the headings)
Small photo above, there. .... Computer or a person entering the computer (takes pictures on the net)

Better to do without items, than to have poor little things!
In your shop sells items: Small article extolling the computer opportunities for children who make their debut, the elderly. Computers become obsolete very quickly: on the mode of consumption which has not always followed, the main being to determine its needs: ex = a sales person for mail, opera does not require occasional to 800 .... ..
YOU UNDERSTAND the idea. ?

GOOD GOOD MY TENDER KINGESHOPEUSE to work!! You need make up your site and it put beautiful headdress .... because competition is endless!!
Besides, does not hesitate to visit the sites of your neighbor. ... War has, in love or for the creation of his site almost all shots are allowed. ..

Good continuation
Delf said ...

I think the average stroke sfrais Free shipping from 400 when you see that there is no product of this price point.
Few people see one, they'll buy 2 ordis!
You offer something inaccessible therefore not of interest.
Even by adding the two accessories, you do not exceed this amount.

On the home page, it's true that the ordinary quantity 0 does not want to go further.
Many empty entry price.

Delf of the bébés fringueurs
Delphine said ...
Koumy, a BIG heartfelt thank you for your advice.
Nothing like an outside opinion!
Good continuation
koumy said ...
Hello bébés fringueurs

I think I saw the prices there may have clients interested in two computers ....
I think that is what she proposes. ...

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