What do you think of my site please
That's my siret recently created: www.ventehightech.kingeshop.com
give me your opinion and advice if you can thank you very much
Author : quentin
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Creation : 2010-12-18
Anonymous said ...
Hi Quentin!

Listen, I must be honest, we can see that you're not at the beginning! But beware, not bad already! You just brighten up things a little, make your page attractive and ensure that your items are consistent with your theme. For example, what there is of High Tech in the vase that you sell?

Attention to your classes. A vase is a decorative object, not the furniture. Do not think I'm just looking to criticize you. But if you want your shop to be successful, you must put yourself in the customer's shoes.

You need a SIRET number is compulsory, like a number of CNIL and genral conditions of sale. The email address where we can reach you does not work. Who would buy from a seller called Superlapin? LOL

You should maybe work on your service pages and FAQs. Do not minimize the importance of these pages. And do not give up, there is still work but you can certainly get there in arm yourself with courage.

See you soon!
Anonymous said ...
Yes, there's work ahead. You even left the original topic. For products with four proposed section will not be easy. Put your store with products and status to receive visits and get advice on this forum, etc ... But félictations request that they give you an opinion on anything, not likely to get. Enjoy the holidays to get started early 2011. But if no articles, text, colors, images ... Good luck
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