What do you think of my site?
Is my site ready for that starts the fair advertising and selling?
Thank you for any advice.
I already made the first sale and PayPal it works
Author : Svetlana
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Creation : 2009-12-24
gothiceshop said ...
What is the name of your site?
easier to visit
Svetlana said ...
Please look at my site
Thank you.
Alice said ...
Hello Svetlana, I looked your site and I am kindly note the following:
remove the tabs that are not used: FAQ, customers, new ... Aid is one of KingEshop and must be corrected, Private Life is the KingEshop and you must inform her of the elements with your own company.
There are a lot of mistakes everywhere, we need you to do precisely read all the texts. I do not understand how walking class size and what you sell for 1 euro?? so the boiled wool, what you sell, fabric by the meter? then how wide, how deep? Your products are good, could not you add one or more sections to explain the manufacture, if thou factories, or other information because as we have said several times in the forum and the FAQ text containing your keywords will help the site to be used by search engines. You are soon to end! good continuation, Alice.
Svetlana said ...
Alice, thank you for your comments!
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