What do you think of my site?
Hello, What do you think of my site http://www.tillycarrelagesboutique.com/
Author : Tilly
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Creation : 2010-07-23
vtu2noir said ...
For me, Home is just too, a picture alone makes for a little light to my taste, otherwise try to reduce the product name, while not displayed.

- No presentations.
- No number siret
- Any number CNIL
- No plan to show or is your shop, I found AC shame to have the chance to have a shop and not be quite explicit on this, it costs nothing to do this and for those who do not know the little city ca be a little more.

otherwise for me the photo tiles are not as mouth that picture of another product, it makes pro has not quite my taste, compared to the tile glue that makes everything better right away.

I hope you ca help a little;)

Ano-nym said ...
For me: simple, square, effective ...
Only downside: the tiles with pictures of reflections that can not see well the colors and textures.
Otherwise little question: why two sites? It would seem easier to integrate the showrooms in the sections of the store right? So customers should not go from one site to another is what I find a little chilling.
Good continuation.
Tilly said ...
Thank you for your advice
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