What do you think of my site?
Hello do this now about 2 / 3 months that I work on it, am interested in your opinions and I hope the site will interest you ...

Author : sabrina
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Creation : 2010-05-14
Anonymous said ...
Hello Sabrina,

You offer many products on sale, it gives an impression of seriousness. I love your header, very pretty. And the phrase is a time for self, love.
You surf fashion bio, it should appeal.

I think you have done well.

By cons seen as homepage behind your photos, just the topics.
Heading into the blog, it overlaps: April 2010 ... timeless and blog.

Heading ask a product: I will avoid the bold font is aggressive, maybe because I wear glasses lol! see further notice. and there is a line too long, riding on the topics.

Correct mistakes Although strength to read it ended up not seeing them!

Here, I hope I have helped you, you have probably worked hard on your site, and I hope that my remarks will not be taken badly.

Good continuation, Christel
Céline D. said ...
Very nice achievement. One of the most beautiful I've seen on kingeshop.
Your offer is very popular these days, I am assured of your success.
You do however have a few spelling mistakes corrected.

I've added to my favorites.

lulouetcie said ...
A really beautiful site you have done well, it's really pro beauty, nothing to envy to great sites that have storefront.

Good sales
chouette06 said ...

Congratulations, your site is really very good. It is clear, clean, and gives really want to linger.

For me there is absolutely nothing to change (except spelling).

I wish you good sales

Good day
Sabrina said ...
Hello, thank you for your remarks on the contrary allow me to better myself, thank you for christel taking the time to find any faults that I will correct immediately, thank you
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