What do you think of my site?
Hello, I create this site but I do not www.osmose.kingeshop.com visits. Tell me what you think? Thank you for your help, I will take all opinions.
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Creation : 2010-05-02
Mylène said ...
You have the FAQ is empty.
Missing your n cnil compulsory and cons you should remove your n siret home page.
This is just a bit empty unfortunately.
Warning many blurry pictures, it happened to me also when I started, I tried several different colors to fund noticed a white background with natural light there was no better (for the moment ;-).
Otherwise excellent value for money you should have a good return on sales if they have a home page that hangs a little bit more.

lulouetcie said ...
Good evening
you certainly have good products, but already your homepage does not want to go further, you treat this Page absolutely beautiful photos and create link to these photos that bring the product in your photos all categories must be uniform, blue backgrounds do not highlight your products, there is a nice category, the Murano glass, trying to do the same layout on all your products, your identity is site, n siret on the home page do not belong there, puts it in contact or profile, your home is your showcase what is going to want to go further puts text on product quality services and beautiful pictures.
Ouarda said ...
You can tell me how is it that has been available in 0, then you did not have access?

Otherwise, I find your site quite pretty, but the pictures are too far away, sometimes it's too small for even exactly what it is.

Anonymous said ...
For my opinion, it's already seen and the prices are so low for silver jewelry that has questions about the quality of your products ... Good sale anyway.
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