What do you think of my site?
hello as you think of my site?
I do not understand I download the toolbar that tells us what a world class site is located on our 2nd day I had a good go and day by day I descend But I have the same number of visitors per day about 25 are generally people where I did my ad if not for the search engine anything but I followed the advice of kingshop so I'm just desperate! if someone could give me advice! thank you in advance.
Author : Anonymous
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Creation : 2010-01-24
Magali said ...

I found your site very much. By cons, you should put your number siret.

Good continuation.
Emilie said ...
Positive Reviews: The site seems very good, and I saw some very nice models!
Reviews for improvement (!!!) I have also noticed a few spelling mistakes, it's a pity ...
Good luck for the replay,
Best regards,
Lulu-berlu said ...
Yes a few spelling errors, especially in the FAQ.

Too much glitter on the page, it hurts the eyes.

Otherwise not bad.

Best regards
Anonymous said ...
thank you for the compliment and criticism because I redid my page and I was afraid that the color does not go with the site.
cons by any visits by the search engines so I do not know if it's long?
Anonymous said ...
Attention Home page: 3 items purchased and not buy!

good luck.
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