What do you think of my site?
I just started my site
could you give me your opinion
I still beacoup work, I must fit the description of products and of course many other products


thank you
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Creation : 2010-01-12
mimosa100 said ...
I find it wrong, plain and simple.
Me too, I create my website but I do not know where to start, if you have a pipe that would be cool to guide me
Good continuation
Delphine said ...
Sympa your home page, but there are headsets that go around in the bottom of the homepage and the logo Shad, I imagine that if there is no link when I click on one of the 3 helmets of the page host it did not yet produced the records.

Otherwise trying to focus the whole, I find your pictures and your securities shifted to the left

Think remove empty sections (FAQ, Links, customers, contacts) and complete the Profile

If they lack the GTC and legal information.

It is a very good start in any case:)

Good continuation

Kalie said ...
Yeah Access2roues,

I like your Home page, it looks nice.

However, you might want to make a few corrections on your top banner. Try to make a little space between the Globe and your slogan (Bienvenue chez Planet 2 accessoires !).

Also, as Delphine stated above, you should remove pages you have not yet fully completed, such as: FAQ, Profil, Contact, Liens and Clients.

Hope this helps.



kevin said ...
I like your shop! I would like back in touch with you, I'd like to create a shop selling motorcycle parts (for stunts), with parts that I ordered from China and more than I realized myself, I'd like to have information, advice ect ...
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