What do you think of my shop?
Hello everyone!

I created my shop KingEshop there soon. I am creative bags mainly created from recycled clothing.

I would like your opinion on my shop to improve it and make it even more pleasant and convenient to visit.


Thank you in advance.

Ps: I have about 20 visitors per day.
Author : Sacmaniak
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Creation : 2009-11-23
Anonymous said ...
Your home page is too empty. your object cons are very nice is not common. Have you any sales? because it should work. bag make a dress pattern giraffe I find expensive compared to the other. may be on it you have to revise the price. In your section I like the foto before and after, and also the photo of your studio

Delphine said ...
Super nice your creations.
I have vista your blog love too.
For the site, it is clear that the homepage is a bit empty.

Good sales
Sonia said ...
I like your logo, your typo and being recycled. It remains for you to expand your site with new creations.
Good luck and good sales!

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