What do you think of my shop?
Hello everyone. I will want to have some opinions on my site:

Author : Christophe
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Creation : 2010-08-09
Mylène said ...

I just visited your store and I'll be very frank, not to hurt you but because as a professional it is important to have all the aces.
Both articles are well presented and fairly successful in all with excellent value for money as much your home is off limits with style bad taste, I'm sorry but the photo on the page is not very glamorous and the limousine heading What is the relationship with the lingerie?
Your home is your window if the window is not the top people do not return same with a website people do not continue their visit.
Please note you have any spelling mistakes everywhere, you must be corrected.
I do not understand your topic key words, because no word can refer to a section of the shop, she is supposed to serve as what?
Nowhere are the general conditions of sale, the n siret or siren, n cnil while it is mandatory.
Some corrections are necessary if you want to survive among the tough competition but I think you'll get there without worries.

vtu2noir said ...
like I just visited your shop and I found that the keyword has to serve the reading the search engine, I see that ca ....

otherwise the items we have not bad, not too expensive, like the limousine makes for a bit odd.

I expect to see more, good continuation for you.

koumy said ...
Hello creative

Having been to a glass tower on the site, I saw only two things positive:
1) the product photos are correct
2) she is cute and selling the picture profile

Which to me is wrong. .... bin everything else. .... Why stay on your site .... nothing really pushes a return:

1) no offense to the girl home page is very. Rue Pigalle sex shop in paris
- The view is not sexy: finally see nude stockings with a white top. .... no way. ... not catchy and rather distasteful and a bit bland. .......
-Cut hair and installation. .... I think it fo review

Two) the limo. . His website is accompanist. .... With the girl below, people will not go away

3) your lack of static page. Peps, fashion lingerie. .... Use more vocabulary related activity

4) made it appear that the attention help page is full of mistakes, being zero, I can only warn you .... not confirm, by proving by a correction

5) page or other assistance, the girl in pink is nice but the pose and made staple amateur: his foot cross, which falls into the sand is not pretty + the arm just before the ptite panties .... . but I said, it is good and a picture with her as homepage hang them.

6) in the category: a picture of a flower and a poem pti. ... Removed. ... not sell yourself to love, but the pleasure of dressing.

I say that the site is reworked:
A) deep if he is in for a wide audience of young
B) totally remake is destined to all ..... Take the time to go see other lingerie website
Lingerie is like a real jewel. ..
Headdress is the secret d.une woman
is the garment that is made for either .... and also to seduce the other
The lingerie is a must for the wardrobe of a woman who wants beautiful and feminine
It is a pure selfish pleasure, an expense is that they then hastened to share in the MINTRA has a girlfriend or playing the jade with elected its heart
The lingerie, want to be is to love sensuality, love being sensual, love to make gifts.
Your website, with its large print. Yr page, is not an invitation o dream.

Tip: visit the sites of brands and try to pass a language more glamorous, unless your site is for friends of the neighborhood.

But, hey I could be wrong !!!!! It sometimes happens is a good time when we star!

Good luck to you
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