What do you think of my shop?

Can you give me your opinion on my shop?


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Creation : 2010-04-06
Ano-nym said ...
the 1st thought that comes to mind when discovering your site is that the name of your shop may not be suitable. Indeed, when one reads the marriage palaces are expected to fall on a site where you will find EVERYTHING that is possible to organize a wedding and then when you come on your site it is very disappointing, we see in page ' welcome ribbons and boxes ... So I think there is a big difference between your name and the content that should, I think, disappoint a potential customer more ... Moreover, the choice is not very detailed.
I personally think there are too pink, purple on the homepage is finally a matter of taste.
If your home is well presented, clear and sober.
If I had 2 boards, 1 is that you treat your photos, put them on stage. For example, your pills, one would like to imagine the situation, it gives ideas. Here it is tristounet although we can see the product. Similarly for the flowers to tulle, dark against the light.
The 2nd is to highlight on the homepage instead of your marriage truly targeted products that rolls of ribbon or boxes. Put photos of your products the more glamorous (eg red heart box, flowers to tulle, favors gold, ivory tulle 6 squares, ...) or just 1 or 2 products ...
That's just an opinion, I think that a site on marriage must also make a little dream potential buyers.
This can be said that it works just fine for you:-D
Good continuation.
proker44 said ...
I find I have my beautiful cousin who is getting married I'll give it the address if interested.
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