What do you think of my shop?
What do you think of my shop?


I would like your opinion, advice ... on my shop.
It is under construction and soon finished, but now I need your opinion to be improved.

Thank you in advance

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Creation : 2010-04-06
Patricia said ...
Good evening

Personally your shop does not attract me, starting with your banner on which it is hard to read the name of your company. Then I think there are too black and too many things on the home page and especially all those links. It's too heavy for my taste, but this is only my personal opinion here discourages any look.
Another thing I do not like when I visit a site, see a minimum purchase imposed, why submitting articles to less than 10 euros if you can not order them?

I know it is discouraging to receive such criticism, but it is also rewarding to know why some people do not like our sites, so I have not hesitated to express my opinion

But do not be discouraged, others will probably tell that your site is great and I wish you good success

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