What do you think of my shop

My site has been online for 2 months, people come to see but no more !!!!!!!!!

I wish I had advice.

Thank you for your response.

Author : aurelie
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Creation : 2010-03-16
julie said ...
I found your site well

but very little product show zero in some category as cosmetic or pencil works best alas the category its empty

otherwise the decor is well

alas my site enough to be beautiful because many scam requires that customers trust and with a number and nimero siret cnil people make quicker confidence

who is normal is reassuring customers
Céline D. said ...
Supersize really too vague.
We do not see the objects.

Best regards
aurelie said ...
thank you for your advice.

Best regards
Anonymous said ...
Aurelie hello
There should be more items for sale, there is not enough products and choices.
Moreover, the market at the makeup is already very hard so there is competition, such as lingerie elsewhere. We must learn to stand out from other sites ... how? that is the question.
The brands you sell are found everywhere.
For my part, I who is used to disguise myself with only premium products and luxury (Lancôme, Chanel, Dior etc. ....) I do not buy them exclusively on my perfume. However I'm still looking for bargains after then why not start the idea of developing these brands or designer brands at prices more attractive than perfume (or on websites like Sephora etc. ....) .
It can be easy as I say, because it must then find the right suppliers is true. That's another thing.

Good luck for the future ...
Dédé said ...
Let me give you my opinion because your site could be beautiful, but you need to correct some very awkward alas, too frequent or sites KingEshop namely:
Your home is beautiful, it catches the eye at once: elegant and refined and it is rare, but yes a big BUT, keep in you is strictly necessary ie remove all your articles in the main photo , remember that a home is a home page and not the catalog, the products are in categories! confusing me do not mix the items home and classes !!!!!!
Further promotion must remain a promotion when planning a small frame and rotate your promotions regularly does not give the impression of never being there ....
As already told Julie you have any topics empty then remove them temporarily, it makes me want to quickly go to another shop where the shelving is finished, remember that you sell current products for women but are still luxury goods, fine you and give beauty tips while you're beautiful even care presentation to the smallest detail ...
You put a best-selling category - in this topic I expect to see the top sales or you give virtually all catalog and once you lose credibility as if you hold absolutely to your punting camelotte -- Be pro, little but well presented ...
-On the web here is a copy and paste your description and keywords:

META NAME = DESCRIPTION CONTENT = makeup of major brand at a low price! Come see our product, mascara, foundation, lip gloss, follow our advice ... beauty shop online makeup cheap. /
META NAME = KEYWORDS CONTENT = makeup, cheap makeup, lots, great makeup brand at low cost, planetmakeup, small price, cheap, L'Oreal Volume Shocking Mascara, Gemey Superstay foundation, eye shadow Gemey product, brand, beauty, Gemey extra colagene L'Oreal, true match blush Gemey, Lumene, Covergirl, shop online, beauty advice, unsubstantiated, beauty, planetmakeup.biz, HDcosmetic, complexion, lip gloss, lip, eyes , solar /
meta name = content = ABSTRACT makeup of major brand at a low price! Come see our product, mascara, foundation, lip gloss, follow our advice ... beauty shop online makeup cheap.

Never once you say (or write) planetmakeup! the name of your website then how can you be referenced as it should on search engines, if your name bothers you change your name, to use the site-sample-Ke-lescravattes try to count how many times we read the word only tie on the homepage !!!!! inspire you and try to do just like in your area.
Finally I conclude by reminding you that people buy more on the net, as in my case if I do not know that I buy m'abstient! Siret number is certainly essential, but you would put your social security number to the place that I will not buy more from you also do not be afraid to:
Your name, address, phone, the customer needs to feel reassured when he has his credit card in hand at his PC, too Vendor hiding on the net and wasting their time when not doing well, introduce yourself as Mrs. (Miss) XY residing in such place selling products on the shop Machin Planetmakeup and reached such hour to such on this phone, and if possible a landline not a cell that does not inspire confidence ....
That is, many things but in fact are only small details on the technical and you will fly ...
I remain at your disposal if I have not been enough
aurelie said ...
The changes we made, if there are other comments I am !!!!!!!
The number of the CNIL is being ...

I await your answers.
Anonymous said ...
can you tell me how your site has cost you at all please
aurelie said ...
KingEshop is entirely free, only products on a cost and the
referencing and the domain name!!

That is if you had any further questions, please.
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