What do you think?
Hello everyone,

I wonder if the site I create is fairly well please:)

I accept all the criticism:) and all the compliments hehe:)

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Creation : 2010-10-14
SergeD said ...
Good evening,
I think it very premature to judge your site
homepage, very poor products are rare and very few visible, we see more logos delivery and payment, your home is your window just like a shop in town, 'is what will make you want to enter your categories, unfortunately they are not empty enough to attract future customers, sorry but you have a lot of work, trade can not be improvised.
Magali said ...

It lacks the legal notices and conditions of sale.
There are no articles on the site? It is not easy to give an opinion on a site unfinished.
The welcome message would be better in another color and the name of the site bigger.
Good luck.
Anonymous said ...
Good evening,

Totally agree with serged, too soon. The site is not yet sufficiently developed, however, the color of your header is too flashy, and hurts the eyes. Transport logos and payments could be shifted to the right (with F11), and slightly reduced, it would be nice.

Good luck.

Anonymous said ...
Yes it is not complete, I have not put the products, thank you for logos f11 I try to move but in vain, for I can not lead to the change: s the site wants more because I have already done too much

For the site name in a larger I do not know how we do,

Thank you for your answers anyway, it was nice:)
Anonymous said ...
Good evening,

I refer to my first answer, I returned to see him, you should put a real name for your style products: earrings Murano ... Here is the code numbers for your products that you have and what is not good for search engines. For the header, please send an email to you so they KingEshop releases, I had the same problem:).

I renew to you my best wishes for success.
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