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So now I want to know what you think of my website as he and new and I is not finished adding something then that's your opinion interests me.
Www.vjno.kingeshop . com
Author : thomas
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Creation : 2009-10-08
Ashdeuzoo said ...
Good evening,

I think he lacks the Conditions of sale, legal things ...

best regards,
Alizé said ...
I think it is a bit incomplete ...

I think your home is not quite hanging (it should add color or a picture, video game example, and vary a little but not too much with the font size)

In addition the contact section is not very structured, so that your text is formatted as you want it be, in the editor, hold down SHIFT and click on the text ... Then you stretch or shrink (Read the FAQ, it will be clearer)

Beware of spelling (item postage)

It would also be good to clarify that to select shipping in Aid
The help I have noticed that the text was deleted a few places ... go to edit and select the text and close the (usually ca be good)

I hope I have helped, here's my site, I expect it to be done to bring the product soon

best regards
Alizé said ...
sorry, I zap my site

is: www.polynesiatahiti.fr
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