What do you think?
Well, my shop is not finished yet, I lack the whole catalog, but I'd like your opinion on the rest, which is expected to remain fixed.
Dint of working on it, make , undo and redo, I can no longer see what will or will not.
Please bring me a look outside and constructive.
Please, criticism is constructive ....< br />
Author : Nico
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Creation : 2009-10-12
Delphine said ...
The homepage is very good.

Me, I find too many colors and different entries in larubrique deposit / withdraw a listing.

your photos are blurred and suddenly it was not too eager to buy the product.

Good sale.
Anonymous said ...
Hello Nico,
I found your homepage very much, wouahh colors that makes you want to go!
cons by the red star that flashes me a little embarrassed to read the text at hand. The pictures are fuzzy accessories, not great. And I did not understand what the topics ads left because you did not talk to insert in the home.
Here I hope it will help a little. good luck and good sales!
Anonymous said ...
that's it, I changed the star. It is true that in time it was embarrassing. a pale yellow cloud with only the text that flashes more slowly seems to me a lot to attract attention without being corny.

I also added a text introducing the functions of small ads.

For photos, I know they are blurry, but they are there to illustrate and help me see the result.

Thank you for your comments
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