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All tips, ideas are good to take.

If you see things that do not, say, I grinders subsequently improve.
Thank you in advance.

Author : benebond
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Creation : 2010-01-31
Céline D. said ...
Hello benebond,


- You lack a banner, a true, beautiful and fitting in with the rest of your site or at least a logo with the name of your site.

- I am not a fan of animated gifs ... shine, for me it adds nothing to the site of a professional (but I know that on KingEshop many vendors are)

- Choosing your products and especially the prices charged are very good!

Only true flat in fact, are your pictures on sheets laundry products, they are blurry, and my faith is a shame. You can not see the object.
Try a photo editor for bigger without losing quality or seen with your supplier if you could not get the large format photos.

I wish you good sales.

Best regards
benebond said ...
Thank you.

For the banner I am trying to work on some photos it is true that they are blurry, I have already changed quite a blurry picture, it me, still.

In any case thank you for giving your opinion.

Ps: your site is super pro.
dogenvog said ...
For my part, I think your articles are interesting and quite well presented but I think there are many things on your homepage, lots of logos and info.

Good luck
françois said ...
hello, site not bad at all and I am a bit of notice DOGENVOG you a great logo, but this is only my opinion
good sale for you
benebond said ...
Dogenvog: I suggest that you to ventilate my home page. Thank you.
Anonymous said ...
Hello Benebond,

If I may, your home was much more attractive before the changes you just made.
You had stickers on your products page and now you have 2 flyers who made it heavy.

So much for my new review.

Celine D.
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