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What are the Rich Snippets?
What are the Rich Snippets?
The Rich Snippets are the new elements in the HTML of your pages which help search engines to better present your products in their results.
All the Kingeshop online stores are now configured to take advantage of the Rich Snippets and improve your SEO. The advantage of this is with your KingEshop online store, you have nothing to do. Everything is already configured for you.
To give you an idea, here is en example of a search result when a site doesnt have Rich Snippets integrated :
ecommerce hosting
And here is an example of a search result when a site has this technology integrated, as the KingEshop online shops do :
ecommerce web site design
Youll see that Google displays evaluation stars of your clients, the number of comments, the retail price and its availability.
Not only do Rich Snippets give a better referencing of your KingEshop online store, it will also make your products better visible in the search results, which will give you more clicks.
With Rich Snippets, Google and other search engines will obtain far more elements concerning your products which are not displayed (details of comments, pictures of the product, etc.) These elements will count to better reference your online store.
In order to see by yourself what it looks like for your products, take the URLs of the pages of the details of your product that you would like to verify, and do the test with the Google tool which youll find here :

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