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What are good keywords to include in the section ''Important data for the search engines''?
What are good keywords to include in the section ''Important data for the search engines''?
The function ''Important data for the search engines'' is located in the section ''My web site''-''General settings''.
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You should choose keywords that are related to what you sell. Put yourself in the place of one of your customers and ask yourself what are the keywords that would enshrine in Google if to find your type of product.
Experiment by searching Google with keywords that relate to your field of activity and analyze the results of this research : Are the sites that appear in the results are relevant to what you sell ? If so, you are on track, the keywords you entered are of good quality. If not, repeat with other keywords.
Example : If you are a florist, you can put the name of each of the flowers that you offer, the names of the flowers you use, the name of your categories, etc.. You must write the keyword in all the languages that are visible in your e-commerce.
When you choose your keywords, it's best to be honest. It is not necessary to put any keyword to attract people who do not really care what you sell. It is much more profitable to put relevant keywords, that way people who seek these keywords and enter your site will be really interested in your products.
Do not be afraid to include too many keywords (limited by the number of characters that this function of the system allows you), the more keywords there will be, the better your chances that search engines (Google or other) have visited your electronic commerce and put you in an excellent position in the search results.

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