Website under construction that you think?
bonjour a tous
I just redo a second site, I still have not put anything in my store, but everything else is put
you can leave me your apreciables
thank you in advance < br /> my site:
Author : philippe
Readings : 818
Creation : 2009-09-14
OAR said ...
The presentation is nice, I like the topics with the Maltese cross ...

Lack has put more items ... !

philippe said ...
thank you OAR
we try to improve, to find something original, which is related to a site are, black and white, c is expression, because c rather a site for biker and gothic, so the color, not too , mdr
In any case thank you to be passing
best regards
Ni62 said ...

your pictures are great the only small thing that is unfortunate is that it has no effect chrome metallic ;-) otherwise impeccable well
philippe said ...
thank you ni62
and yes, the record is not really what I was expecting, but c not ugly, I just try to make small given metal, but good point in any case
thank you
best regards
Céline D. said ...
Me, I still advise you to bring a touch of color on the home page.
And the big logo shop online, it is beautiful, but hey everyone knows that it is an online store, may be trying to put it elsewhere, prioritize the presentation of your products!

Good job anyway.
philippe said ...
hello celine
regarding my site:
the color is not in my presentation because it is a site for biker and gothic, I see them not too colorful, and there'll assertions of colors in the picture presentation
thank you even when this small words
If someone has something else to say or comment on my site even for a critic, I'm interested
best regards
Lucien said ...
Hello Philippe,
I am of the same opinion as others, I am not sure that Bikers see things in black and white! Too bad, it's a little sad ... but hey you seem sure of yourself.
For cons, the font used for the paypal payment page cartoon's really done! there to blow the bikers fall in childhood lol! Trust us, food color, bikers, I know they are not as sad as that. Look at the HD colors, black, red and yellow. Flames were everywhere, Let's farts!!
Finally it's my opinion. Otherwise it's beautiful, there is research.
No hard feelings?
Best regards,
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