Website finally give me your opinion please
Hello everybody,
we almost finished our website, there are only a few products have come before to bet on referencement we'd like your opinion. Thank you.
Author : Micka
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Creation : 2009-09-03
Alex said ...
I found your cool site. Things are clear, legible pictures! Good luck!
micka said ...
Thank you Alex for your answer! It's nice to have taken a few minutes to give your opinion.
delphine said ...

beautiful shop.
by cons, how do you put photos on the right side withthe best specials and sales.

micka said ...
thank you too Delphine.

You open your editor page, you click on f11 and bottom right of the window (in the corner) you pull to zoom in and hold the left click of the mouse, then you place your photos or you want.

Thank you to you.
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