Visits disturbing

Since yesterday at 21h04, my site has been visited more than 76 times by the same IP address ( from Russian Federation and is, for the most part remained as 0s. I'm worried because I wonder if not malicious visits.

Should I really worry?

Does this visitor went to see other sites?

Best regards
Author : Martine
Readings : 383
Creation : 2010-01-18
Claude said ...
For me it is the same! the same IP ( This is Yandex enterprise network, the largest Russian search engine ...
benebond said ...
This is nothing what are search engines, I had the same thing as you. There are only a few seconds to see 0 s.
Mathieu said ...
Hello everyone,

I also visit a little weird for a U.S. server with a connection to 0 seconds. Unfortunately I just delete the ip, I will pass when it comes back if he returns ...
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