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The visitor counter seems not work.
I note that the number of visits / comments sections rises while the number of visitors to the site does not move?
Could someone perhaps help me understand what is happening?
Author : Dominique
Readings : 455
Creation : 2010-05-25
nwa said ...

what is the url of your site? How many visits? how many comments?

Thank you
Dominique said ...

the number of visitors has not changed since 2 days = 79 (except my own visits)
the number that has changed in the entry is 53

thank you for your help.
Dominique said ...
NB: 53 does not match the of comments of reads but the headings.
KingEshop said ...
Hello Dominique

The most probable is that the number of visits to your topics is growing because of visits from search engines. Visits from search engines are not counted as visits to people.


KingEshop Team.
Dominique said ...
I see four visitors today in the last 200 visitors, however, the count of the number of visitors has remained at 79, he did not record these visits.
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