Visits but ...
hello all, I have need of advice on my site, I have visits but not control, there must be something wrong but I do not see anything, thank you for your candor
Author : sten
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Creation : 2009-10-15
Anonymous said ...
your site is well constructed. You just wait ...
sten said ...
I patient but
promotique said ...

I'll give my first impressions when I'm connected to your site.
I would note that the defects, the goal is not to criticize but to the pleasure of making you sell.

The pink background is not in perfect harmony with the type of products you sell.

Banners and moving images are often too many average quality and flashes too.

The different sections have different graphic.

The background color of items changes every time.

The spelling errors and punctuation blunders are numerous.

For my novice DIY your header gives me no idea what kind of shop which I am.

However you seem to have a solid and varied range of products.
The site appears to be complete.

To me, a gray color and a graphic of both crude and sober longer corresponds to your niche. Or clear colors like green that recalls the look of green jardinnage.

Good continuation and hoping that sales will without further delay.
sten said ...
thank you promotique, I already wanted to know how you change the background, I'll try to find the errors of punctuation and improve all that, thank you
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