why did I almost anyone who visits my site? I sent over 200 clients and my email to anything, why?
how are you??
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Creation : 2011-02-21
Pascale said ...

Personally I find your store very well, your prices are very correct that I am a seamstress I know what I mean!

I just find that your expenses are high you've made an appointment with a counselor at the post I'm doing and they asked me to send my products lingerie at prices very nice

Come and see my shop (it is not quite finished doing) and give me your opinion
Emma said ...
Good evening,

Your site lacks confidence there is no general conditions of sale, delivery?


Nat said ...
On your homepage, your text is unreadable (for me but I'm not the only one!), increase the size of your font and maybe change the.
Put too much text on the home and make fields to explain your craftsmanship. Remember, your terms of sale and your shipping cost which must be clearly indicated.
Good continuation
Regards, Nat
Anony Mouse said ...
Agree with Nat, the text hurts my eyes, I'm not sure that is the size but the color is too close to the dominant red.

Tag without Google, you're already known that Lord of the Web, which is good.
You have no keywords, in fact they are misconfigured, it is absolutely a comma between each word, plus you do not have enough.

For the rest, difficult to judge on very specific items and custom.
Why not integrate your videos in your articles?
Anonymous said ...
the charges are very expensive
Anonymous said ...
thank you for your help, I'll try to improve the site
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