Visit them are quite numerous ... Zero Sales!
Since the site, I'm pretty happy with the number of visitors. A half day is not bad at all. At least me that I should for the moment. The site has been operating since August.
But I make no sale.
Could you, please, go visit and tell me what is missing finally, the booming sales?
magic words, a visually clearer and more focused? In short, anything that can improve the commercial level.
Big thank you to you!
Author : Elodie
Readings : 683
Creation : 2009-10-01
Céline D. said ...
If your approach is certainly commendable ... it is not selling very unfortunately.
Investing in a project, it is not something that the lambda user is ready to go.
Especially since you are not able to give a date for publishing your game boxes and especially shipping them.

In any case, the only thing I see to explain your''not''sales because your site is very well designed, everything is interesting to read (including faq).

I wish you success in all cases.

Best regards
Anonymous said ...
In fact, you are looking for investors. You ask people to send you 35 euros for a game (which you return to 19 euros) and that will perhaps never happen!
I'm not surprised that you did not order.
Have you planned to reimburse customers if the game does not come out?
Alizé.K said ...

Try maybe you do know thanks to flyers placed in strategic locations or participate in exhibitions of creation ...

I also wish you success

best regards
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