Visit my shop and criticize

That, I think my shop is (finally) ready! I followed all the advice I could find on items kingeshop!

Let me now that my shop gets lots of hits, then I suggest you go ...

I also look forward though it is finally referenced Google. That seems a little long ... But hey!

Thank you for your comments.
Author : Stephy
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Creation : 2010-06-10
Anonymous said ...
Not bad but not of n or n siret cnil which are mandatory.
Same no general conditions of sale is also mandatory.
Céline D. said ...

Your store is very successful and proves that, with little taste and by following simple tips are just doing something that was out of the mouth (it's in fact!).

Only small downside to the visual of the homepage, I think a photo montage would be more pleasant and certainly more than a vendor photo series one above the other.

My advice to move seriously to step referencing, communication and advertising is now time to book your own domain name.

Last, remember to create a page with your information and legal requirements.

I wish you a good continuation.
SergeD said ...
Yes actually looks like it has Céline, site very harmonious in design, some doggies and cats home page as the profile would be OK for the rest it said.

sunset said ...
Site fun and original

attention to the legal terms and conditions of sale
I received a reminder to me about their lack liable to a fine of 1500

here's mine
kiwi13 said ...
This very pro shop, hat! good continuation
Stephy said ...
Thank you for your comments!

I am currently working to add the disclaimer and terms and conditions on my profile page ...

I hope it will get better like that ...
Ano-nym said ...
I found your shop enough class, she is very professional level design and layout, although I personally find that luxury products for pets is quite provocative in these times of crisis, where millions of people are struggling to make ends their monthly ... but there is certainly a niche market (and seen pictures of your shop it looks to ride for you ...).
Just a quick note on your home page that I found in the stands does not reflect the upscale side of your real store: croquettes and necklaces do not reflect the entire universe as you suggest, it would be better to display sofas, carrying bags or bowls rather than conventional products because it is still what sets you apart from all comers ...
I would suggest you also buy your own domain name, which you will in the long run to have a better visibility on search engines.
In any case, bravo, great accomplishment.
Good continuation.
Anonymous said ...
Ano-nym thank you!

Regarding the domain name I already have!
But as I am unable to change the IP addresses to point them to my shop kingeshop, I am merely making a referral URL ...

For the homepage, I'm OK with you!

But I read on this forum that it was important to get the client directly in the bath.
So I chose to put on my homepage specials, and news.
Well, I grant you, unfortunately it was not the best pictures.
So, I've changed yesterday)

I think those are better, even if it is not yet sofas or carrying bags ...

Best regards,
SergeD said ...
If you purchased a domain name, contact Kingeshop to help you

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