Unable to put the sign more for products

I have a desire to describe my products as some contain the plus sign (in the name of some products there is the + sign. Example: + C2). When I put the + sign, it disappears immediately after. The problem is that the names of some products are no longer recognizable without the sign. Especially since I tried the other signs which I did not need (* = etc. ...) and for those there is no problem.
This is not a hardware problem since I tried different keyboard.

Regards and Happy New Year!
Author : Lu
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Creation : 2009-12-31
KingEshop said ...
Hi Lu,

For security issues, it is not possible to insert special characters.


KingEshop Team.
fah said ...
hello, I too have this problem, I can not insert the + sign, I understand that it obviously needed is in the interest of all security measures, but I do not understand real risk that there has put a +, especially when the product name contains a +, this little problem for me cause significant damage because many of my clients (they write me by mail) are not buying because imagine that this is the wrong products, not to mention those who do not find it because of the absence of + ... sorry I was a little long but this small technical problem myself desperate for a little I confess, I hope to find a solution ... I also wish you a Happy New Year to all ...
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