Unable to load my images
goodnight to all
I'm writing this ptit word on this forum because I'm stuck after several test, let me explain: when I want to put a picture on my static pages (Home) I load my image, it makes me wait and nothing happens not having my picture!
I hope I expressed myself well and that someone has the solution to my problem
thank you to you
Author : NATTY
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Creation : 2010-08-16
Stéphane said ...
Good evening

They are too heavy .... less than 20k I think???
CréaStyx said ...
Good evening

I think it's because your image is too heavy!
Try to reduce it to see if it works!

Ever yours,
Cly said ...
here is the type of images accepted: gif. jpg.. jpg png
So save your images in the right format

good luck
natty said ...
thank you to you all for your answers, my photo was indeed too heavy
I managed to insert but now I have another concern, when I insert my picture it is miniature and if I put the original size is much too big and I just can not reduce it as I want! !
you know the method to be adopted!
thank you for advance
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